Hello friends,

I hope I'm in the right place to ask..

I have a Canon SL3 (250D) DSLR camera, I would like to capture live video into the OBS software,

the live video I get with Canon's EOS utility on screen looks in very good quality and I could capture that window's content, but it's through USB and surely not 1080p as the camera can output, still, quality wise, it looks pretty good..

I was wondering if anyone knows, how much better will the quality could be if I'll use a capture card relative the EOS preview.

I have tested a recording VS the live preview I see on screen, there was some difference, but I can't tell how big it is and i'm still waiting for lighting equipment to get to here so I wont be able to really test and see the difference with my final video shooting setup. I might just get a capture card by the time I'll get it as well but would like your advice

The capture card I'm looking into is the blackmagic intensity pro 4K

Thank you!