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  1. As far as I can tell there's no "marketplace" forum on this board, so I hope this is the appropriate spot!

    I have a ton of '90s VHS tapes that I'd like to capture clips from. (I'd been using a Canopus box and a Mac, but apparently this is lossy and I want to switch to high-quality lossless capture.)

    I bought some nice equipment: a JVC SR-MV40 S-VHS, a TVOne 1T-TBC, and a Pinnacle 710 capture device. Now I just need a PC to digitize to!

    Last year, on another board, I contracted with someone who offered to customize a capturing laptop for me. This was a great offer, because I knew nothing about PCs and nothing about proper capturing. They sounded like an expert. I gratefully paid up front.

    Unfortunately, more than ELEVEN MONTHS have passed -- and I've received nothing. They claim to be finished, but a dozen promised shipping dates have come and gone. My emails go largely ignored. And I'm struggling to accept the uncomfortable idea that I may have been scammed.

    So -- I'm once again on the hunt for a PC configured, optimized and dedicated to lossless VHS capturing! Can anyone help me?

    - Does anyone here build/customize them for others? If so, could I hire you to make one for me?

    - Does anyone have a spare to sell?

    - Absolute worst-case scenario, could someone slowly talk me through putting one together myself? This would be a huge learning curve for me, and the likelihood that I'll screw it up is VERY high without a lot of patient hand-holding. But I'm willing to try.

    Please drop me a line if you're interested! We can talk specifics, budget, etc.

    Thanks! Fingers crossed that my second time around is successful!
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    First make sure the Pinnacle device you have is not built in MPEG-2 encoder chip, while a built in encoder device doesn't put too much stress on the CPU you won't be able to capture lossless with this type of hardware, If I remember correctly the Black box is built in one and the white box is not but you'll have to do some online digging.
    As to the computer, You don't really to custom anything, Use whatever computer you have now and disable all notifications and sounds and use an external SSD for capturing, If you must have a dedicated one something like this will do the trick, just load the Pinnacle driver for Win 7 from this page, Use Vdub or AmarecTV and you can always come back whenever an issue arises.
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