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  1. I am trying to copy metadata for encoded mp4 files from the source file and I have found this command that does exactly this.

    ffmpeg -i -i encoded.mp4 -map 1 -map_metadata 0 -c copy encoded_fixed.mp4
    I would like to write this command to batch process an entire directory on linux but not sure how?

    I guess it should start with something like this?

    for i in *.mov do ???
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  2. Thank you. It's something like that I need but I could not get it to work.
    The example used is assuming both in and out file have the same name and ending. In my case the source is .mov and the out is .mp4 and I don't know how to edit that script to make that work?
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  3. Given my limitied programming skills, I renamed the mp4 files to mov, ran the script and renamed them back.
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