Been trying to remove song lyric subs from an anime movie .sup file as I find them distracting from the visuals. Problem is when I try to OCR the file with Subtitle Edit or edit directly with BDSup2Sub. Any scene where the song subs and main subs are on screen at the same time, the OCR and BDSup2Sub both either screw with the main subs' timings or drop them altogether. I think this might have something to do with the song subs being on top and the dialogue subs on bottom so the bitmap images are really weird? Plus the song and dialogue subs don't change lines at the same time and I've heard that can get confusing for some programs. I'm not sure, I'm somewhat new to sub editing and video stuff in general.

Basically, I'm wondering if there's a better way to directly edit .sup files? I've tried subtitle creator but it for some reason refuses my .sup files. Gives me error "This .sub file is not a valid VobSub .sub file (this may be a MicroDVD .sub file)" DVDSubEdit doesn't give me an error message but it doesn't seem to really load anything; it just gives me a gray screen. Is it even possible to edit .sup files with weird timings like this without dropping some that I have to add back in?

Very confused. Would appreciate help. Can provide more info if needed.