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  1. Hi, I've ripped a DVD9 with DVD Decrypter, I've a list of .VOB files. Every file doesn't contain a full episode, I don't know how to discover in a precise way where an episode finishes. I'm on linux and I'd like to encode them (in order to generate .mkv files) using linux tools, if it's possible I'd like to avoid to use windows. This is the first time I perform a similar operation but I know some theory.
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    Every file has 3 subtitles and 3 audios, .rar files contains extras that I don't want to encode for the moment.

    Could you provide me some guide/documentation and suggest me some tool? I suppose I can use FFmpeg. If you have a lot of material to recommend, it is not a problem, I'm ready to learn. I'd like to use h264 codec with ac3 audio or aac.
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