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    While transferring some old video onto a new HP computer I notice that a few have terrible pixellation while playing back.

    The image is almost unviewable, broken into small blocks of colour.

    Note, that most videos of that vintage play well. Also, no problem viewing Youtube or similar videos of any vintage.

    My question is : can recorded videos degrade over time while stored on a hard disk? Any insights appreciated.
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    Yes, if there are bad spots on the drive (either source or destination).

    I see this in a few videos of mine.
    Actually, mine are from DVD-R (file backups from HDD, not DVD-Video), then to HDD to HDD to HDD.
    In my case, it's very slight, and the disc was 99.9%+ recovered data.
    But that 0.0x% caused a few glitches.
    All are Divx or Xvid, from at least a decade ago.
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  3. Google the term "bit rot":

    One reason to regularly check and then make a fresh copy of your important digital files.
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