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  1. I had this working in my old computer build which was a mess so I recently reinstalled Win10 with just video stuff and thought I put back everything I needed but am getting this error. I didn't change anything in the script I got from Andrew Swan. What am I missing?

    Scipt error: MAnalyse does not have a named argument "multi"
    (C:/Program Files (X86)/AviSynth+/plugins+/SMDegrain v.3.1.2d.avsi, line 500)
    C:\Users\ME\Desktop\denoiing test\denoisetest.avs, line 6)

    SetFilterMTMode("QTGMC", 2)
    SetFilterMTMode("f3kdb", 2)

    SMDegrain(tr=6,thSAD=500,contrasharp=0,str=1.2,ref inemotion=true,lsb=true,interlaced=true,Globals=2)

    QTGMC( Preset="Slower", EdiThreads=2 )

    #--------------(Optional) Reduce chroma noise----------------------
    f3kdb(grainY=0, grainC=0, sample_mode=1)

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  2. upgrade your smdegrain.avsi

    Not related to the error, but if it's interlaced, and AVISource is returning something other than YV12, then it should be ConvertToYV12(interlaced=true)
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  3. LOL it did change "multi" to "Trymany" on line 545
    Last edited by JoeSchmo999; 14th Apr 2020 at 14:40.
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  4. Are you using old mvtools2 version ?

    (You should upgrade all the prerequisites and plugins)
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  5. That fixed it thanks. Its extremely slow but working.
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