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  1. Hi everyone,

    I do translations of film subtitles and use subtitle edit. I dont see a way of just replacing every line of the existing sub file with the new translation. I have to input it in line by line. Is there a better way to do this please.

    Many thanks
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  2. 1. Load the srt in Subtitle edit. Export to Plain text (export options: unbreak lines, add new line after text, all other unchecked).
    2. Translate the new created text file, but keep the same number of lines.
    3. Import (plain text) the translated text file (Import options: one line is one subtitle, all other unchecked).
    4. Import time codes (from the original SRT file).
    5. From menu Edit: Select all
    6. Rightclick into the selection, fix common errors in selected lines, break long lines (all other unchecked).
    7. Done
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  3. There's also a translation comparison tool in the tools menu

    1.Open the original subs first.
    2. Go to the tools menu and choose "Make new empty translation from current subtitle"

    The original subs will be displayed alongside an empty text column for your new subs.

    1. If you're doing the translating yourself, you can type the subs in the text box at the bottom.
    2. If you're using google translate, you can right-click and choose the "translate selected subs" option.
    3. If you already have the translation in another doc you can import them with right-click->column.
    Using the various insert/import and realign options, you can make sure they line up with the original subs.
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