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  1. It looks, it will be impossible to skip the ad installation in PotPlayer - and in some countries there's a popup ad while playing, few times a day.

    Currently the old adfree version of PotPlayer still works and it's the best player for me, but I'm starting to search for a new player, it will be not easy, because I like many useful PotPlayer features, most of them are missing in other players. Anyway, I'll try it...

    EDIT: Problem with ad was caused to one user because of Kaspersky Antivirus program, normally it's still possible to skip ad installation.

    Anyway, I'm still searching for a new player, it can be worse later.

    My requirements - most important:

    - support for HD, 4K, HEVC
    - support for IPTV / rtp: , m3u8, streams (youtube, etc.), live streams
    - hardware acceleration (DXVA)
    - saving the settings to folder/.ini file, not into registry, or at least option to backup to folder/.ini
    - borderless window (0 point border)
    - auto-hide navigation bar and playlist within the window, in both - window and fullscreen mode
    - snap to edge/window
    - custom keyboard shortcuts
    - change speed option (at least between 0.5x to 5.0x, steps at least 0.1)
    - don't block the playing item (allow renaming or deleting)
    - custom window size and position for any video - and auto crop video, preserve aspect ratio
    - free aspect ratio (AR) - option to resize window to any AR, but keep video AR and crop video - don't show black frames
    - auto-stretch video in fullscreen to display AR, preserve video AR and crop video - don't show black frames
    - (auto) remove logo in real time (alternatively support for ffdshow with Logoaway)
    - auto use custom subtitles, for language A only, or just forced/default.. (alternatively support for LAV splitter)
    - remaining time for current video
    - always on top only when playing
    - change size with hotkeys
    - zoom in/out, also in window mode
    - fast seek by keyframe

    Less important:

    - profiles / presets, using different options for different conditions, auto-switch
    - portable version
    - skin support
    - mouse keyboard shortcuts (incl. wheel up/down, tilt left/right)
    - RAM timeshift for IPTV/live streams
    - subtitles reading, using MS TTS from Window 10 (or Google TTS)
    - support for Network streams (SAP)
    - total/remaining time for playlist
    - drag&drop item(s) to main windows and to area "add to playlist" to play later
    - support for images, slideshow with effects and music, or play music with slideshow
    - smart playlist support (auto-update the folder(s) content in playlist)
    - option to rename actually playing item name on disk

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. If you are looking for a video encoder there are like 1000 tools and everybody will tell you something different but if you are looking for a player there is not that much choice.

    I don't have a high opinion on many of these players, I know how hard it is to build such a player, it's just I see fundamental flaws in all of them except mpv.

    Choices you got:

    DirectShow (I question that concept...):


    Non DiretShow:


    There are some more like zoom player, jriver and smplayer, but they are not very popular, the most popular player is by far vlc and after that mpc, most people are very happy with them.

    Not sure if videohelp has a player section, I use sometimes.
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  3. stax76

    Thanks for the reply and tips, we are in "Software Playing" section and I'm searching for PotPLAYER replacemant, so it's a video player.

    Perhaps I should note, that I'm not a normal user, I tried and tested many video players: MPC, MPC-HC, MPC-BE, MV2 Player, BSPlayer, MPlayer, MPV, SMPlayer, SPlayer, Windows Media Player, VLC and others.

    I was quite "happy" with the last one - VLC too, until I found PotPlayer.

    Anyway, I tried MPC-BE now and it looks quite good, I didn't expected that. I has a borderless window, can play streams, has custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons incl. side buttons and wheel tilt. Of course, it's not all, I'm still testing...

    I just found this link, from the other topic here:

    How can I request features and report bugs? It must be very confusing to use just a single topic for all. I hope it has some support forum.

    EDIT: I found this:
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  4. Some people have a support thread but prefer using the tracker, I can only tell you how I deal with forum requests, I bookmark them for later consideration so for me both forum and tracker are OK, for complex issues a tracker is of course much better.
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  5. I too have switched from PotPlayer to MPC-BE. Seems to work well, except for it's limited video playback speed adjustment (1X, .5x, .25x) I wish it could be variable like in PP, I watch MMA and like to study moves, but 1/2 speed is too slow, some thing like 70% would be nice to have, or better yet incremental variable.
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  6. CBC

    Options > Playback > Speed step: 0.1
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  7. excellent, thank you!
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    Haha, you could just disable internet connection when you install potplayer, or use build without this. I have it, but its russian (you can change language), or some famous gui like DVBsupport
    Its not dangerous, the developer is not evil, its from Kakao corporation. By the way, potplayer send statistic to kakao server, you could block it with host, some russian guy 7sh3 patch dll or exe for this, i dont know, but as for me i dont care about it
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  9. Yes, or you could just use another player & not have to worry about any of that.
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    imho potplayer has too many great features, no one player have it
    as for me its great subtitles support and even navigation, anybody can create skin very simple
    I have my own subtitle style, with thin font and some magic. Hate subtitles in the bottom
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