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  1. Hi, gyus.
    I've got a problem: when I set end time of a subtitle, start time shifts further. It's at least in last 2-3 versions. Tried versions for Windows and Linux. Do you have it too?
    If there are no way to fix it, then may be know version that doesn't have that glitch (some older version)?

    Also I noticed Linux versions virtually unusable (shortcuts doesn't work...), on Windows there's just those one glitch with time (or is it a glitch)?
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  2. Actually I'm not sure about time shift problem - probably it was me.
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  3. Maybe your substitle is from a movie with different video FPS. Then the overall length is wrong. You can correct this in SubTileEdit Menu: Synchronization, Change frame rate.
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  4. No, I was creating them from 0. It seems was pressing keys (to set start time) too late, hence false impression. Thanks for info though.
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