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    My mother-in-law was having problems getting her new Roku premier to work in her 10 year old Vizio TV.

    We took her TV and Roku to our place and the Roku worked on our TV so I thought the problem was the TV.

    I then thought maybe their was something wrong with her HDMI ports. I connected her TV to my old Toshiba D-410KU DVD Video recorded and the Toshiba started smoking. Disks no longer load in the DVD player; I receive a bad disk error message. Was that caused by a surge of power from the outlet or from connecting her TV to the DVD player?

    She has had that TV for years and a Roku for a few years. It wasn't until she got a Xfinity Flex TV Box that the Roku stopped working. Could the Xfinity device shorted out her HDMI ports?
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