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  1. Nikonitis
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    I am in the process of learning to use iMovie. I have already done one small movie but am now working on a longer one 2.5 hrs long. I am in the process of adding transitions at regular intervals. Having added about 10 transitions, I figured out how to make the transitions longer. I then hit the tab, 'Apply to all'. iMovie then proceeded to scrub all the transitions I had done up to that point. I now have to go back and re-do everything I have already done. To make matters more interesting, half of the transitions don't work. I add them but the effect doesn't appear when I replay it. Is this a common problem to other Mac users. Is there any fix or is iMovie just buggy and unreliable, in which case I'll probably look at using some other software. life is really too short
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  2. start again and dont use transitions....
    I was a tech op on a show with a film director some time back, Neil Marshall.
    Descent, Hellboy.
    He talked about when he was at Uni, he chose the VHS edit suite that just did cuts and left the FX to his peers.... his movies stand the test of time
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