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    Hey All
    i purchased Vegas as had probs with director , happy koz vegas solved my prob , Now another prob , was about to start editing vids ready for you tube , using a canon 3ti , ok videos i take are running fine when i open them after ive put them on my desktop from camera ,, BUT when i put them in y timeline in vegas i play it and its terrible ,, im moving like a robot instead of me moving smoothly im juttering (if thats the word) i.e my arms above my head and lets say i move arm to by my side , instead of it going smooth its just one clip of arm above head then its suddeny by side no inbetween , just an example ,, (just my luck was all ready to finnaly start channel
    PLEASE any ideas massive thanks jim
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    there are a couple things to check. make sure preview is set to best, that there's a decent amount of video preview ram and that your gpu in listed in the box below.

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