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  1. Hi there guys
    I finaly got this movie I've been looking for a long time and the quality is so bad!!
    I've been trying a lot of avisynth filters using hybrid but so far no luck trying to improve the blocky image one bit.
    In fact most of the time it only gets worse.
    Any ideas??
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    There are a few deblock filters in Avisynth. If you want somebody to look at it, post a section here of the actual file,
    not some second hand clip you uploaded to a streaming site
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  3. I also tried to unblock filters for some videos on Avisynth but I didn't succeed. Indeed, that's the constant problem to watch movies in better quality. Frankly speaking, I have already reviewed everything that is possible on quarantine. More than all, I usually find to watch just new films that yet are of a bad resolution on the internet. Some of my favorite I already know by heart how many times I have watched them. LOL. But for the last time, I use to pass the time in the evenings. They have a good selection of material for viewing, and it is very convenient that when I finish watching a movie they always offer a variety of similar films for later viewing.
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