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  1. Hi, i'm having a problem with subtitle edit, after I translate the program is adding breaks that aren't perceived as breaks. This is a problem because in random lines it appears br
    /> as part of a character speech.
    [Attachment 52579 - Click to enlarge]

    My program version is: 3.5.14
    In the tools options I have tickled off each option to autobreack, still I'm getting this error.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Edit: It is Microsoft Azure, the translator that I chose the one who's breaking the lines. For a person in the future that haves this problem my workaround is first unbreak all the lines make the translation and then autobreak the lines. Hope i'ts useful for someone this info.
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    thx cocowash, at least it was useful for me

    Next version of SE will handle un-breaking + re-breaking automatically.
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