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    Vegas Movie Studio 15
    REGULAR edition, Not platinum

    I am editing a video file of a Zoom 30 minute video conference output
    The file is already optimized to be only 106MB (well done Zoom!)
    Datarate = 358 kbps
    BitRate = 411 kbps
    25 fps

    I edit a few minutes out of the video file in Vegas Movie Studio 15
    I render the edited video
    The Vegas video file is now a massive 1.6GB
    Datarate = 7575 kbps
    BitRate = 7764 kbps
    29 fps

    I have no control over these settings in v15 basic.

    I opened the 1.6GB file in Handbrake.
    Picked Fast 1080p30
    That rendered a file back to 114MB, which is fine.
    But, this extra step takes a long time.

    What are my options?
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    I would contest that you do have some control over the output settings even in your basic version of Vegas.

    At the very least there would be no sense in re-encoding a file of 1368*768 to 1920*1080 unless you want to lose definition. Likewise it makes little sense to re-encode a 25fps video to 30fps which results in duplicate frames etc.

    I do not have this program but I do suggest you look more closely at it and not just click blindly. Even so 358 kbps is rediciously low for a video of these parameters.
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    Those 2 settings have almost zero effect on file size.
    It is 99% bitrate.
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    You're right. And wrong.

    It is 100% the bitrate. Universal formula: Filesize = Running Time * Bitrate. The end.

    However, what DB83 was talking about in those settings, was retaining the optimal QUALITY for a pariticular bitrate.

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