Lomonosov MSU video-codec testing team released two final reports on Annual MSU Video-Codec Comparison 2019:

4K content encoding report
  • 11 4K video sequences, objective quality, universal (1fps) and fast (20fps) encoding use cases
  • Compared codecs: Bytedance V265 Encoder, HW265, MainConcept HEVC, SVT-HEVC, sz265, x265, SIF Encoder, SVT-AV1, SVT-VP9, VP9, WZAurora AV1 Encoder, x264
  • There were two use cases in this report. On average for both cases, the winners are HW265, Bytedance V265 Encoder and Mainconcept HEVC (according to SSIM quality scores). Mainconcept HEVC has the best results according to VMAF. WZAurora AV1 Encoder showed the best results in universal (1fps) encoding use case.
  • More results in PDF & HTML reports

High-quality encoding report
  • 6 FullHD video sequences, objective quality, 0.005fps speed limit (formal)
  • Compared codecs: aom, rav1e, SVT-AV1, SVT-HEVC, SVT-VP9, x264, x265
  • aom, SVT-AV1 and x265 have the best quality scores according to YUV-SSIM. rav1e shows the best scores for V-SSIM and V-PSNR metrics.
  • More results in PDF & HTML reports