Last year our video-codecs testing group released a report on video transcoding clouds comparison-2019.
We compared a price and a quality of encoding in 6 services (Alibaba, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Coconut, Qencode, Zencoder). We are going to expand this comparison this year: compare more services, add more analytical tools, use cases and provide maximally accurate results.

To provide more reliable comparison results in the report, we invite you to validate the 2020 comparison results in cloud-encoding services. If you use any cloud encoding service, you can use your own account for testing (or register a new one). We will provide enterprise reports for all contributors and ready to pay for cloud encoding expenses. To participate, you can fill up this form or contact us:
More info about contribution to Cloud Benchmark 2020

Due to events related to COVID-19, the dates might be extended. Relevant information will be posted on MSU Cloud Benchmark 2020 page: and via newsletter.

Results obtained in autumn 2019: