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  1. Hello anyone could help me how i can convert .mkv files to blu ray discs to be played in my bluray player i tried many softwares didnt work such as DVDFab , tsMuxER and multiAVCHD and ended up failing so any simple software i can use to burn these .mkv files with their subtitles to my blank bluray discs ? thanks alot
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  2. Try BD Rebuilder. The only problem I have had with MKV files and BD Rebuilder is that it won't import Dolby TrueHD from an MKV file. I think it has to do with tsMuxer not supporting Dolby TrueHD inside of MKV.
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    Have you tried simply burning a mkv file to a DVD-R as data and seeing if your Blu ray player supports mkv as a data file. If so you can then try it on a Blu ray blank
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