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  1. Originally Posted by ProWo View Post
    July 31 2020 update to version 2.5.5.
    Improved: Many fine tunings.
    Fixed: minor bugs.
    👌 Thanks a lot! 👍
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  2. Originally Posted by ProWo View Post
    Originally Posted by mazinz View Post
    Could you add an option to save a 5.1 as 6 separate waves?
    Use BeHappy for this.
    You could also try:
    ffmpeg -i in.ac3 -filter_complex "channelsplit=channel_layout=5.1[FL][FR][FC][LFE][BL][BR]" -map "[FL]" front_left.wav -map "[FR]" front_right.wav -map "[FC]" front_center.wav -map "[LFE]" lfe.wav -map "[BL]" back_left.wav -map "[BR]" back_right.wav
    Thanks! Had no idea something was made to truly replace BeSweet. Been using ea3c to extract since its a very short command, but I hate dealing with command lines and moving/renaming files on the pc to make the command easier
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  3. Please add support for WebM.
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  4. Support for webm as input is already available. Webm as output is not planned.
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  5. August 06 2020 update to version 2.5.6.
    Improved: Detection of ffmpeg.exe, ffprobe.exe, ffplay.exe.
    Improved. Error handling.
    Fixed: minor bugs.
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