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  1. here is my render setting
    graphic card -Nvidia GeForce Gtx 1060 6gb

    hi guys,
    I just made a video for youtube. when I see the video its graphic is HD but when I put it on youtube even tho it shows a 1080p, the graphic is pixelated. I tried to put the video in 1440p(trying to get vp9) when uploading on youtube it only shows 1080p. I need help, please. thank you.
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    You really should be directing your issue to youtube or their help system.

    There was a screen that quoted their accepted video configurations but I can not find it right now.

    Maybe, just maybe, they will not accept an intermediate schema whereas 1080 and 2160 are accepted but 1440, being mid, is not.

    But their help also states that not all configurations will be initially available. For example 60fps will take longer to make available than 30fps. Same as 2160pp will take longer than 1080p. Nothing you can do except encode as 1080p or even 2160p
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