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  1. Here is a small video upscaler. It is portable, for x86 and x64 Windows systems and requires .Net 4.6.1.
    You can load any video and an Avisynth script will be generated; this can be edited if desired and previewed/controled with VirtualDub.
    Then just click Encode and the video will be encoded.
    You can also load your own Avisynth script if you wish. In this case the program simply works as h264 encoder.

    The following Avisynth plugins are required:

    Enjoy it.

    Tested with Avisynth+ 64bit whit 64bit plugins
    It needs a static build of ffmpeg.exe and
    For a x86 computer you need of course avisynth 32bit with 32 bit plugins

    September 29 2020 Update to v1.5.9.
    Fixed: minor bugs

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	2.jpg
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Name:	3.jpg
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    In case of startup errors or problems, delete this folder (it will be created again automatically):
    C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Up_Scale (where xxx=your user name on windows).
    Last edited by ProWo; 19th Nov 2020 at 03:31. Reason: Update to v1.5.9
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  2. Update to v1.5.0.
    Recoded for full use of 64bit Avisynth version.
    New feature: Show and edit script with Notepad.
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  3. Update to v1.5.6.
    New feature: Video preview in VirtualDub.
    Small bugs fixed.
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  4. August 13 2020 Update to v1.5.8.
    Added: Source crop
    Fixed: minor bugs
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  5. September 29 2020 Update to v1.5.9.
    Fixed: minor bugs
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  6. thank you , looking forward to testing
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