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  1. hi everybody hav a nice day.

    I have sony alfa 6300 mirror-less camera. I shoot videos in 4k with XAVC format. I want to trimm some portion of some videos, but i dont want to recode the video or audio stream( i liked the video and audio quality of sonys XAVC).
    I used avidemux but i reencoding audio as format not supported,also found container of video also changed by it, can anybody explain the following queries of mine.

    1) is there any software that do my stuff without encoding or recoding just like handbrakes audio passthrough.
    2) is file created by avidemux equals in all aspect with xavc file of sony. (i am ready to compromise on audio if none available)
    3)is avidemux realy passing through video and only encoding audio?

    please anybody help me . it will be greatly appreciated.

    i attched media info of sony alfa 6300 file.
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    Avidemux only can cut properly on Keyframes. If it says Video-Copy, Audio-Copy (on the left)
    then the streams are passed through as is, no encoding.

    You can change the container bottom left, I believe it defaults to MKV

    For programs that can cut at any frame, take a look at VideoRedo, or Tmpgenc Smart Renderer
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