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    I have multiple blu-ray rips that I store on external hard drives (these rips consist of two root level folders "BDMV" and "Certificate" and have several sub-directories). I'll connect the external HDD to my Oppo BDP-203 Blu-ray Player and select the movie I want to watch by browsing to the folder the movie is in. On about half of the movie rips I have, as soon as I select the top level movie folder (as shown in pic 1), the movie will automatically start playing and open the traditional Blu-ray Disc movie menu screen. But on the other half it won't play the movie and essentially opens the BDMV folder which lists the sub-directories. At this point I have to browse through the "stream" folder (shown in pic 2) and find the right .m2ts file to play the movie from the the actual starting point of the blu-ray. So my question here is, does anybody know what triggers the movie to auto-play as soon as I select the main movie folder? Is there an additional file I need to make this happen or is it how the movie is ripped that allows this? Any info would be great bc I can't seem to find anything on the internet. I've attached a could screen shots:

    Pic 1: Shows me browsed to the external hdd on my Oppo and at the top folder level which lists the movies. Its at this point that I'll click on say Star Wars and the movie just plays and pulls me to the main menu screen (play movie, scene selection, extras etc)

    Pic 2: Shows the menu that opens after I select the movie folder (pic 1) but the movie doesn't auto play and then I have to open the stream folder and find the correct movie file (hundreds of them typically) and then the movie plays. Its typically the largest file so its not that difficult but my Oppo doesn't list the file sizes so I have to disconnect the drive, plug it into my computer and find the largest file and then reconnect to my Oppo etc to watch the movie.
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    Click image for larger version

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    No, it is neither.
    Autostart is intrinsic in both DVD and HD-DVD and Bluray. But what it autostarts to depends on how it is authored. It could autostart to a menu or it could autostart to a title or to nothing. And on Bluray, it could run utilizing straight HDMV methods or it could run using BD-J methods.
    Just a hunch, but my guess is that when reading hdd folders, the player doesn't support menus, or doesn't support bd-j (especially the latter).

    Note: there is no additional / missing file.

    In DVD, the root (but not all) of the navigation structure is stored in the VIDEO_TS.IFO, with its corresponding media (menu, movie) in VIDEO_TS.VOB.
    Subsequent/child navigations are incorporated in each linked IFO, with their corresponding media in the VOBs (which may be segmented & sequential, if over 1GB).

    In Bluray, the root (but not all) of the navigation structure is in the index.bdmv and corresponding MovieObject.bdmv.
    Subsequent/child navigations are encapsulated in playlist files (*.mpls) with the corresponding main media in the *.m2ts files (also possibly segmented).
    Bd-j files are separate and in their own folder.

    All those files are compiled binary files with their own internal structure, so without a special tool or reverse engineering the code, it is quite difficult to parse (BD being much more complex than DVD).

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    Thanks for all the info Scott. Damn, I was hoping there would be a way that I could make all the movies that don't auto start but it doesn't look like thats possible.
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  4. You can reauthor the movie .m2ts in Blu ray structure without reencoding with tsMuxeR or BDMovie Maker, but you lost menus. Both freeware and portable
    Or you can use ConvertXtoVideo or TMPGEnc authoring Works if you need menus. Both need install and not freeware
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