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    Hello! I recently found a Sony Hi8 CCD-TRV98 in my basement and I wanted to start shooting with it. The camcorder still works fine, but I don't know how to transfer the video to a computer. I've seen several S-Video to USB adapters online, but people seem to have issues getting them to work with Windows 10. Dazzle Video Capture allegedly works, but I don't have a CD-ROM drive so I wouldn't be able to get the software onto my computer (this laptop also only has one USB 3 port, so even if I got an external drive, I wouldn't have another port to connect the actual device to my computer). I was wondering about the following:

    1) If Dazzle is the way to go, could Dazzle and a CD-ROM drive still work through a USB hub?
    2) Are there any other options apart from what I have seen so far?
    3) Is this a hopeless endeavor with my current computer?
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    1) Pinnacle devices come in two types, the ones that are built in MPEG-2 encoder and the ones that rely on computer CPU to do the encoding process, You want the latter to capture lossless and encode to MPEG-4 later. But it may not work with Wind10, Support stopped @ Wind7, I was able to make the Pinnacle 500-USB work with wind10 using the Crossbar Thingy to switch between composite and S-Video and Vdub for capturing.

    2) Yes, an old good SDI capture device and a modern SDI to USB adapter, Bullet proof, lossless, no frames dropped, But expensive for a laptop, pretty affordable on a desktop.

    3) Not hopeless but brand name manufacturers stopped making capture devices for consumer video sources all what you can get is Chinese half assed cheap devices.
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