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  1. Hey! I have a problem. Yesterday me and my friend filmed a video on my Mini DVD camera. When we were finished filming I was gonna edit. I put my disc in my USB DVD player and opened “VIDEO_TS” and copied the VOB file to my hard drive. After I copied the video to my hard drive I realized that that the video was only 16 seconds long but it was supposed to be 37 minutes long. I tried playing The Entire DVD in VLC and there it said the video was 37 minutes. I also tried to see if there was more VOB files but there was only one called “VTS_01_1.VOB”. I tried opening it with Sony Vegas but it also said it was 16 seconds. I also tried some programs like “DVD Decrypter” and “AnyDVD” but none of them worked.

    I’m very confused. Please reply to this post if you have any advise of what I can do. I’m happy to hear your advice.

    My Camera Model: Panasonic VDR-160.
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  2. How big is the VOB file? Try VOB2MPG. Or Mpg2Cut2.
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  3. The file size is 776 MB.
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  4. Thanks jagabo! It worked, thank you!
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  5. Which one? Did you try both?
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