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  1. Hi,
    I have two .mkv files. One is 1080p version of the movie, runtime about 4 minutes longer than the second file, dvd version of the movie. I know that dvds are speeded and pitched up, but I would like to make the audio sit perfectly to the 1080p file. And files are NOT same audio language (1080p is EN, and dvd is my country language). How can I do that? Any tips?
    And I have tried to speed up the 1080p or slow down the dvd it doesn't match either. And there is no scene that is missing on the dvd or 1080p version.
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  2. downloaded 1080p version of the movie
    Did you read this
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  3. Originally Posted by alesad2003
    downloaded 1080p version of the movie
    edit this ..

    You should verify that the movies have the same fps (23,976fps or 25,000fps see with MediaInfo).
    Also .. as not the same version there may be differences in the intro .. you have to verify that.
    If so you must match the start with a delay (+) and if the movie is at different fps match the audio speed with eac3to (I use UsEac3to) with: %_.ac3 -25.000 -changeTo23.976 (dvd/25 to mkv/23.976 for example)
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  4. Originally Posted by alesad2003 View Post
    Any tips?
    Watch it in the original language with subtitles. What you want to do varies from being difficult to nearly impossible. And that's only if you already know what you're doing.
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