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    I am having a problem with video players on Raspbian Stretch on a raspberry pi 3b. all updates applied.
    I tried playing the videos with both vlc and omxplayer and most videos are displayed rotated 90 degress and reversed (cows shows up as swoc).
    I played the same videos on my laptop running debian buster using vlc and all videos play with the right orientation and not reversed.
    I think I must be missing some add-on but I really don't know where to look.
    I have tried the orientation options in the players and the only thing I can affect is the reversability, not the rotation.

    Can anyone give me a idea where to look? Failing that, can someone tell me how a player knows which orientation to use?
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  2. VLC allows to rotate video through "Tools->Effects and Filters->Adjustments and Effects->Video Effects->Geometry"
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