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  1. We bought a used Sony DCR-TRV230E for digitizing video8 and hi8 tapes after a Hitachi VM-H765LE ate a tape during rewinding and stopped playing back anything afterwards (damaged or dirty video head?)

    The Sony didn't come with an original AV cable so we got a new 3.5mm to RCA cable. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to get correct stereo sound, white works but red has loud static (or the other way around).

    Is this because we are not using an original Sony cable (which might be a non standard cable)?
    Is the port on the camcorder dirty??
    Should we use a Y Splitter to split the working audio cinch in two? Aren't we missing out on an Audio channel? Afaik all tapes contained stereo audio from the Hitachi VM-H765LE and a Sony CCD-F340E from the late 80s.
    ((using firewire DV is not possible as of now, because we have no device that still has firewire inputs))

    edit: yep, a cable that matches Sony's pinout fixed the issue. TYVM
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    You need a cable that matches Sony's pinout.

    And for the video portion specifically, you should use the S-Video output instead of composite.
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