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  1. Hello everybody...

    Apologies for the embarrassing newbie post but I really need to convert a lot of VHS tapes from the 1990s and 80s to digital before they deteriorate any further... Family videos and stuff from college etc...

    A few years back I bought a Honestech VIDBOX with the scart to USB converter and cables... If memory serves this came with a CD with software on and the product key on the sleeve but I have since lost the CD and product key.

    Is there any way I can still use this? Any software which can make use of it, other than buying it all again?

    Thanks for your help!
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    At the very least you will need drivers for your device. You can get them from:

    But your bigger issue is capture software. If your profile is accurate you are using a Mac and there are few programs against many available for Windoze.

    At the very least I suggest you amend your topic header and even contact a mod to move your post, if it is the case, to the dedicated Mac section of the this forum where you will get more assistance.
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    Thread moved to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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