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  1. I have a dvd that is playing slightly too fast, even though the audio sounds about right. I ripped it with makeMKV but the movie is still too quick. It's very subtle, but I think it may be to do with the authoring of the dvd and PAL/NTSC speeds. Imagine an NTSC file playing at PAL speeds but not how that normally works, for DVD sitcoms like Friends or Seinfeld where all you can tell is a slight change in audio pitch. This DVD has like an old timey movement where the movement seems quicker, even though it plays and sounds about right. Is this making sense? Any advice? Thanks.
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  2. Originally Posted by Chauceratemyhamster View Post
    Any advice?
    Post an untouched sample cut from the DVD. 10 seconds will be plenty. No MKV crap, please, an M2V created using DGIndex, or a short VOB section.

    It is possible the video was speeded up to 25fps but the audio was pitch-corrected to keep it 'in tune'.
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