For some time now, I am trying to find a solution with some issues I have with my media PotPlayer (Version200205-1.7.21125) I am using.
I have the SONY VA777ES amplifier.
I cannot hear 5.1 sound from my system with audio codecs that are EAC3 & DTS Plus (these are usually codecs from Amazon & Netflix. Pseudo Surround multi).
Also, I don't have a multichannel sound from AAC. (Secondary issue)
I am using the LAV decoder which considers one of the best in the market.

Can someone give me a knowledgeable answer about what is going wrong?
And if someone can direct to where I might find the solution? I have searched for quite some time all the major web sites and no-one explains why and what is the solution on that.
I can give you any additional info you may request about the system I have.

Thank you all in advance for your time in reading my post.

PS Please don't give me solutions that are to change the player because that is not the issue
I have already followed these advises from this post:
but I have the same results
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