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  1. Hi guys, I've gotta ask for help. A friend of mine gave my a custom-made Blu-ray disc and asked me to find out whats wrong with it. Now, what I found are three huge *.m2ts files and I could t easily copy them to my hard disc. However no player or software I've tried so far could read them. ( The BD itself is free of scratches, and it is improbable that this is a hoax, rather maybe something went wrong with the creation of that BD )
    Here is what error message I've got so far: see attached images.

    MediaInfo gives no more than
    Complete name                            : E:\00001.m2ts
    File size                                : 3.15 GiB
    Is there a way to find out what went wrong, or how to still read / recover the video material?
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  2. However, one additional information I have. I was told the names and the length in minutes of the TV programs that where recorded on BD. That is, for ex. the m2ts file which is 3.15 GB large, is a recording of a TV program that is 25 minutes in length. If that helps ... just wanted to add that information.
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    try to rip with makemkv and try to read the ts files with a hex editor, if it's just zeros it's crap
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  4. @Nilzzon success! Didn't know that I had to (and how to) decrypt the files, but MakeMKV did the trick. Thank you very much!Click image for larger version

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ID:	52319 Pretty irritating though, that programs like ts-muxer, VLC, etc. aren't able to inform me about that the files aren't readable because beeing encrypted! Anyway... Happy now.
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