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  1. My camcorder won't power on, according to one of the 12voltvids videos, the fuse is blown.
    The service manual shows 6 fuses, are they the ones circled in red? They don't make a beep sound when I test them for continuity on the multimeter. They give me a value of 0.65V instead
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    More of resistors, could be diodes.
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  3. Most likely those are resistors and measuring 0.65V across them means nothing.
    All the fuses are on the DD105 board, shown at the top of the schematic on page 4-122.

    * WITH THE POWER OFF AND BATTERY REMOVED * a fuse should be checked on the resistance (Ohms) range and for their 1.4A rating should measure less than 1 Ohm. Note that using the continuity range or worse still a dedicated continuity tester can permanently damage the surrounding circuity.

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  4. Thanks. I found the fuses on the other side of the board. PS803 is blown.
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  5. Bummer I can't find a 3mm 1.4A smd fuse on digikey or mouser. I guess I have to use a smaller one with wires?

    going to 1.5A gives a lot more options.
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  6. You should be fine to use 1.5A, fuse ratings are not very precise in manufacture and in any case have a time element to how long it takes to operate under different overload conditions. They don't live forever at 1.4A and pop instantly at 1.41A !

    Unfortunately, PS803 is the main fuse to the 3.3V supply line regulator so it feeds many parts of the camera. If a new fuse pops it could be difficult to isolate the fault.

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