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    I and my wife has 2 PCs with semi-old monitors.

    Hers is a Dell 2408WFP which she loves, but the standís structure gave up on her, and the screen leans downwards. Also, it gets really hot after a few hours of playing on it. She has an i7-3770 & GTX970 setup to go with it. But for what its worth, she loves this old thing.
    I have 2 Dell P2314H which I loved at first, but now I find them a bit hard to my eyes, and also a bit small. I love to play strategy games, and the screen real-estate is just a bit too tiny for me. My PC is an i7-4790 & GTX1070.

    Both PCs are not powerhouses, we can get like 100-ish FPS on the current screens with our favorite games (Heroes of the Storm and Strategy games like Civ6), so not sure a 144Hz monitor would be reasonable, but whenever I ask my friends or strangers on Reddit, everyone points me towards 1440p 144Hz LGs for more than 500Ä. Not that the price tag would be too high, but based on our current usage, I find it hard to believe that for our 5-6 hours of gaming time per week would require this high-quality model. (but if thatís the only reasonable choice then Iíll thank the advice and order them)

    Can anyone guide me towards some good options for the upgrade? Maybe these options - ? The overall budget goal is 750Ä (can be raised if itís really needed), and weíd Ďneedí only 2 new monitors, and salvage the currents for secondary screens. The goal is to buy new monitors for the next 5-ish years that would be more enjoyable to game on than the current ones.

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