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    I have to re-encode from aac(mp4) to mp3 , I know but i haven't any lossless audio source

    the adio of the video is in aac(mp4) , i export the audio only and re-encoded in mp3

    each audio clip are around 44 minutes , i have used avidemux to disabled and aac and i have added the mp3 file

    the audio is out of synch , because mp3 codec lame starts with silence

    i have to sync almost 35 video files ,the container is avi

    what can i use to synch the mp4 with mp3 so i can use avidemux without audio sync issues , not manually ,because there are too many ?

    i have goldwave but can't find how to sync them , and I don't know how use audacity correctly
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  2. Why would you change aac to mp3? Mp3 is older and more lossy than aac.
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