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  1. I used following command to edit a 50min file to 10min "cliff notes version"

    ***Btw Please don't tell me to just use staxrip or handbrake. Neither supports subtitle segmenting which toolnix can do.
    Also my goal here is to create an easy way for non-GEEK types can make simple video edits without HUGE software
    And VERY LITTLE TO NONE video skills. Furthermore, IT groups don't object since toolnix is standalone doesn't mess with system.

    X:/Downloads/APPS/mkvtoolnix_all/mkvtoolnix-64-bit-41.0.0/mkvtoolnix\mkvmerge.exe --ui-language en --output ^"C:\MOVIES\REMUX2\Magicians.S04E01.mkv^" --language 0:jpn --default-track 0:yes --display-dimensions 0:1920x1080 --compression 0:none --language 1:eng --default-track 1:yes --compression 1:none --sub-charset 2:UTF-8 --language 2:eng --track-name 2:SDH --compression 2:none ^"^(^" ^"E:\MOVIES\Season.04\Magicians.S04E01.mkv^" ^"^)^" --clusters-in-meta-seek --generate-chapters interval:00:05:00 --track-order 0:0,0:1,0:2 --split ^"parts:00:00:00-00:01:35,+00:02:03-00:02:10,+00:02:24-00:02:30,+00:02:45-00:02:59,+00:03:20-00:03:46,+00:04:50-00:05:00,+00:06:23-00:06:32,+00:07:51-00:08:09,+00:10:30-00:11:58,+00:17:17-00:18:28,+00:19:40-00:20:11,+00:26:43-00:27:06,+00:28:07-00:28:37,+00:37:45-00:38:20,+00:39:35-00:40:07,+00:42:10-00:44:28^"

    Ran fine no errors but file was a mess.

    —The audio was out of sync within first 30 seconds and was 2 min out of sync by end of 10 minute mkv.
    —there were strange spots where the picture would stutter at the transition Point rather than a clean slice.. It appeared to be showing a portion of the end of previous segment and the beginning of next segment at same time.

    —I bumped timecodes to 10000000
    —I changed the cluster size to 100 thinking maybe smaller clusters could be sliced up easier.

    I've chopped up videos into 250MB chunks for x264 x265 test runs in staxrip, ALL SEGMENTS perform perfectly and reconnect perfectly after staxrip.

    So why do timecodes segments fall apart? doing moreless the same thing.

    Any suggestions would be great. Thx
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  2. If you don't save all parts into one file but each part individually, are the individual parts out of sync too?
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  3. This might not be really helpful, but:

    Depending on the formats your mkv have MKV Cutter might work.
    Regarding your command line: try adding '--verbose' to see in which way mkvmerge interprets your command line.
    Since I don't see any apparent error in the call I suspect it might be a problem with the subtitle cutting or the chapter option, it might help to add one stream at a time to the output and keep the complexity down until the call is fine.

    side note:
    For readability:
    • please, use 'code'-tags
    • please, don't use the '^'-characters, they should not be necessary
    • please, don't mux slash and backlash as file/directory separators

    Cu Selur
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  4. Originally Posted by Selur View Post
    [*]please, don't use the '^'-characters, they should not be necessary
    [*]please, don't mux slash and backlash as file/directory separators
    That's what mkvtoolnix-gui uses, not the user's fault.
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  5. Daskroon, are you trying to cut an mkv that has video, audio and subtitle streams? I had a similar question and was directed to mkvmerge's documentation and look up the append mode option. That might help you.

    Another possibility, does the original video use open gops? If the encode settings are still in the video stream, you can find out with mediainfo. If the video is h.264, the setting is "open-gop=1". If it's h265, it's "open-gop". It's my experience that videos that use open-gop are unpredictable as to whether they can be joined. Those that use closed gops are more joinable, but I recently ran into one that couldn't be joined, so I'm no longer as confident as I used to be.
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