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    hello everyone i have got a question i need to ask right i have recorded a movie off the tv onto a usb stick. but when i plugged it into the computer it is a raw disc/ RAW format not NTFS format so my computer shows it has been empty. but it has a movie on it so is there anyway to open the usb stick with maybe a software or something cos i have tried cmd / command prompt. and that says the usb stick is a raw disc/RAW format and cmd/command prompt. wount read raw disc/ RAW format and it wount open it. so can anyone tell me of a way to open a raw disc. / it is a RAW format so how do i open this on my usb stick can anyone please help me with this problem.
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  2. The following worked for me with linux hdds ( often not recognised on Windows Os): Download diskpart (it's a command line utility) / Run a comand line and type diskpart

    Activate the partition of your usb thumb drive, type on your keyboard:
    diskpart > list disk (it will list all your hdds) > select disk (+number of disc) > list partition (all partitions will be listed) > select partition (+number of partition)
    then type: activate (keep the window open after that !)

    Now it's been activated but Windows may not have assigned it a letter still (D,E,F etc..) so try to assign a letter with Ext2 Volume manager (free and useful for linux hdds)
    If it works the drive can be opened directly, otherwise: Use Photorec to recover your videos (very efficient tool and free)

    Good luck
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