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  1. i'm in the process of editing some music videos in premiere pro. before i began, i figured i'd better export an unedited copy just to be sure i'm getting the right colors, luminance, etc. it turns out that my reds are being slightly oversaturated, but only in SOME frames. as you can see in the examples below, the girl on the right's vest is turning out oversaturated in the re-encode, and distorted, as well - would 'ghosting' be a good way of explaining it?

    however, if i skip ahead to the next few frames, it's not a problem anymore and the export is accurate to the original, but DOES end up being a problem again five or six frames later. i tried this on another music video, but didn't have a problem. also, it's not justy this particular video, it seems to be random. i'm writing my exports with bt601 tags as i'm guessing i should... if i instead select "unspecified", or don't write an sde at all, the problem still persists. the source footage is 480p ntsc interlaced 29.97. i'm using the correct field order and matching the source settings with the export accordingly. does anyone know what the problem may be?

    example 1: (original) (re-encode)

    example 2 (a few frames later): (original) (re-encode)
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  2. I see a spatial chroma shift, not a change in saturation. Probably from poor motion vectors in the encoded video.
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  3. It could be a problem with the source, since other music video didn't have a problem. Often music videos are hastily made, have errors and low production quality

    It could be improper chroma upsampling, or scaling somewhere in the workflow or viewing method (interlaced scaling when progressive, or progressive scaling when interlaced); this often leads to "chroma ghosting"

    the source footage is 480p ntsc interlaced 29.97
    If it's really "480p", as in 23.976p like many music videos are - you should be IVTCing it to return the original progressive frames, then do everything progressively (import, sequence, export)

    Can you post a sample of the unprocessed original ?
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  4. Also, see this recent post about chroma -- which turned out to be a playback issue.
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