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  1. I am thinking about the Occulus Go as an intro to VR headsets. I will use it mainly to watch movies in 3D. And to see if I can stand to wear the thing. Before I maybe go all out for the $1000 versions for gaming. I do not like the tie in with Facebook. I have a lot of questions.
    I know where to get the files of 3D movies. They come in side by side or over under. Can either format be played in the Go? I do not see how over under could work.
    Can I load my own movie files onto to the Go? Or must you use their store?
    Can I load something like PotPlayer onto the Go?
    Can I attach the Go to a PC via USB to transfer the movie files?
    Is there a better choice? I do not have a compatible phone for the cheapie phone versions.
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  2. OOPS. I just saw something that makes it look like you MUST use a "good" smartphone to be able to use/control the Oculus Go. Is this correct? That kills the deal for me. Looks like I need a tethered one so I can use it as just a PC display. But those are not cheap. Any cheap way to just do 3D movies?
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