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  1. Hi Forum,
    what are the best way to force burn in the subtitle below the picture?
    I have the MP4 clip 1280 x 720 and has the .ass subtitle.

    I wanted to see how the best to burn in the subtitle below the picture.

    I have tried the cropped the video to heigh 550 in handbreak and try to reconvert in hight 720 with subtitle burn in.
    That method doesn't work.

    Please advice.
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  2. Originally Posted by sshhll View Post
    what are the best way to force burn in the subtitle below the picture?
    You can't. Not unless you add black bars below the picture and then adjust the subtitle position to be entirely within the black bar.

    So, adding 80 rows of black will make your video 1280x800. Then you adjust the positioning of your ASS subs, followed by adding them into the video and encoding.

    I have no idea how to do this in Handbrake as I'd never use it. It's an easy thing to do in AviSynth and then using an x264 encoding program that accepts AviSynth scripts.
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  3. Handbrake will allow you to crop black borders but not add borders. If the video already has black borders (eg a 2.35:1 AR movie in a 1.777:1 frame) you can try cropping most of the top border but leaving some of the bottom border with it's manual cropping option.
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  4. Thanks for the advice guys.. these are help full tip.
    First video is doesn't have the black border, i might have to try manono's tip.
    Adding more black lines into the video.

    Is there way, i can resize the video to 1280x700?
    hope that i can re encoding with 720 high.. not sure that would work

    any advice.

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  5. Originally Posted by sshhll View Post
    Is there way, i can resize the video to 1280x700?
    Why would you want to do that? It won't help you get the subs below the video. I already explained one way. If you can't do it in the program you usually use, then use a different program.
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    Adding black borders to the the top and bottom of the video will cause the video to also display borders on the sides so your picture will have a black box around it,if you want to resize it to 1280x720 then you will have to cut video to fit a black bar so in other words there's no good way to do what you want.
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  7. Thanks guys for the advice.
    I will try all you advice and see what i can get out of it.
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