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  1. I'm not sure jitter is the correct term for the problem referred to in this video, but there are frames that jitter/stutter and you can see the edge of the frame on the side move over a bit when this happens, like the frame is bouncing horizontally. I've attached a clip with good examples of this issue, and it happens throughout the whole movie, although not always as constant as in this example clip.

    I've tried applying some different filters in avisynth but haven't had any luck so far. I was just hoping to get some opinions on if there's anything that can be done for it or if its a lost cause due to bad capture.

    I did not capture this myself and its a rare video that isn't easy to find. I have access to one other recording but the picture quality on this one is much better aside from this jitter issue, so if possible, I'd like to try and correct this problem via Avisynth.

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    timebase errors. won't be easy to fix now - should have been put through a timebase corrector while capturing.
    w/ AVISynth, you COULD try isolating the frames that are bad and if the shift is consistent and 2-state (fully shifted XXXpixels vs. not shifted), you could reverse shift the pixels. But you'd then have to worry about the pixels on the other side (did they overflow to next line? or were they removed?).

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  3. Thanks, that is what I had figured was the case. I will take a look at the other recording that is available and see if it is hopefully a better capture, although not as sharp a picture... or maybe keep an eye out for a VHS copy to transfer myself down the line. Don't think this one is worth the effort it would require.
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    LOL it looks like a cheap 60's western. what's the title? there may already be a decent version.
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  5. Its a 70s western from Mexico, directed by Rubén Galindo, called Pistoleros bajo el sol (1974)

    Only available via (very rare) VHS and a couple of cheapo DVDs marketed in Mexico and America to Spanish speaking audiences... both DVDs sourced to VHS captures
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