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    HI EVERYONE i have got problem if anyone can help me with this
    right i recorded a series off the tv and it has breaks in the video file not adverts it says like end of part 1 and end of part 2 but they are not adverts there like little breaks lasting about 14 seconds of each break like end of part 1 and end of part 2 lasts about 14 seconds maybe a little bit less but there is a few episodes i need to cut them out if i did this manual it will take some time to go through it each episode and see where the breaks are it freezes for like 14 seconds when it says end of part 1 then when it has the other break it says end of part 2 which again it only lasts about 14 seconds and freezes so can anyone tell me if there is any software that will cut out the breaks in the video file they only last about 14 seconds each part 1 and part 2 the full episode is about 25 minutes it has 2 breaks or sometimes 3 breaks but it is not adverts it is a break where it freezes for about 14 seconds when it says end of part 1 and then end of part 2 it freezes so does anyone know of any software where i can add the video files and it will go through each one and cut out the breaks and convert them without the breaks cos i could do it manual but it will take a bit of time to cut out the breaks i have also uploaded picture files of the breaks so does anyone know of a software that will remove the breaks from each video file and convert them
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  2. It might make people more likely that someone will respond if you posted using sentences and normal punctuation. .
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    Nothing's perfectly reliable.
    You'd have to try and see.

    Else, doesn't take that long to scrub through (eg mpg2cut2 for mpeg-2 ts) and trim manually. No need to re-encode, so the export is a fast copy of what's left.


    0. Download and put the msu detector into a folder on your desktop (eg. Commercial).
    Uncompress the files there.

    1. install avssynth -> Official Builds ->
    Once this is installed, you need to change the path in the ini file.

    2. commdetector.ini
    AnalyzeLogo = 0
    WriteDebugScript = 0
    ExtractCommercial = 0
    AviSynthPluginPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\AviSynth\plugins\"
    ExternalDecoder = 0

    Notice the unique (x86) path to avisynth.

    3. Now, open up a command line and navigate to the commercial directory in 0.
    eg. cd \users\(your unique login name)\desktop\commerical

    Substitute your unique pc login name in the above. that is your user account folder.

    4. Run the program in the cmd window
    eg. msu_tv_commercial_detector.exe test.mpg

    Adjust settings in the commdetector.ini as needed (eg. AnalyzeLogo = 0 or 1).
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    Must agree with hello_hello. Impossible for me to comprehend without sentences, paragraphs and punctuation, too exhausting to read like people who type everything in caps.

    Suggest also you post a Mediainfo file report on the 2 video clips. This is a case of where "too much information" is helpful.
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