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  1. Ii have a Philips HTS3560/12 Blu Ray and the tray wont open. What can I do?
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    bummer. start saving up for a new system.
    "a lot of people are better dead" - prisoner KSC2-303
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    try leaving the player unplugged for an hour
    then see if you can get the tray open.
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  4. Didn't work unfortunately
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  5. Long term, it needs to be repaired (either DIY or by an electronics or computer repair shop).

    Short term, look for a slot on the bottom panel, underneath the disc drive. It will have a white nylon bar with a hole at one end. Push the end of a straightened paper clip into the hole, and use it as a lever to slide the bar toward the other side of the slot: this should release the tray (pop it open).

    While the model covered in this link is not the same as yours, the mechanism may be similar (Phillips is actually made by Chinese company Funai, which often goes several years and model updates before changing basic tray mechanisms). The DIY disassembly and repair notes have been broadly applicable to disc tray issues for the past twenty years:

    Scroll down to the third photo and click on it to enlarge, you will see the slot I mentioned on the bottom front of the unit, near the tray.
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  6. I've screwed it open instead. Took de hood off...
    When I "tick" de disc-drive it opens up.
    Once I put a disc in there is no more issue.

    Without a disc I have to keep "ticking" it to open
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  7. Sticky gears, Etc.
    Add grease.

    Rubber drive belt stretching/aging.
    (No idea if you can find one for your drive the same size, but this is a very very common xbox drive problem.
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    I have the same problem with my Philips Home Cinema set with blue ray player.
    The tray wont open, only if there's a DVD inside.
    Problem is this: in the top cover of the player, there is a white plastic piece with a strong magnet.
    This magnet attaches to the axis of the disk motor, in order top center the DVD on the motor axis.
    The magnet is so strong, that it keeps the motor/laser assy up, and the tray motor isn't strong enough to move this assy downwards.

    I will now try to replace the rubber belt between the tray slide motor and the tray gears.
    I am quite convinced that this will help because:
    - all parts slide easily in and out
    - with the disk holder part removed (can be done easily, turning its cover anti-clockwise) the tray slides easily
    - the rubber belt is quite "wide" i.e. stretched out.
    - with a DVD inside, the distance between magnet and axis is larger, hence less force to keep the motor/laser assy up

    Good luck!
    (please post when you found an address that delivers in the Netherlands )
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  9. I had a similar problem with my Philips and carefully opening it up, lubing carefully and realinging everything fixed it.
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