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  1. I am trying to set up a video wall with 2x2 LG 47" flat screens, each with 2K resolution, in order to have one 4K display distributed on all four screens. I am using the AMD Radeon RX570 graphics adapter with support for up to 5 screens. All screens are connected properly (one with native HDMI the other three with Display port-HDMI adapters). All screens are working properly and shows parts of the windows image. Eyefinity is activated, but for some reason I may only arrange the screens as four screens side by side, but not as a 2x2 matrix. I am running Windows 10 and the standard dialog for screen rearrangement does not allow me to move the screen symbols to a 2x2 matrix, ¨neither the interface of the graphic card settings (Eyefinity). What do I need to change?
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    have you tried dragging the monitor icons to the positions you want?

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  3. Yes, but they are not possible to move for some reason.
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  4. Here is how it looks in the Eyefinity settings as well as in Windows native settings (see attachment). It is not possible to drag the objects!

    Click image for larger version

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    All monitors must be set to the same resolution to have a proper 2x2. Perhaps this is part of what's impeding the change.

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    If all the TVs have the same native resolution then maybe this problem is related to a bug in the drivers. See
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  7. The resolution of all monitors is 2K. The symbols are now also the same size, but are still not possible to drag around. I haven't changed anything that I am aware about. Don't know why monitor 1 symbol was bigger before.
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