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  1. Hi, can anyone provide me with a list of make (preferably Sony) & models of Betamax players that can play both formats of Betamax tapes (NTSC & PAL)?
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    Take a look here:

    The chances of finding one are pretty remote though
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    Short list from



    All were designed for the Middle Eastern market. Only the SL-800ME is SuperBeta and no models have Beta Hi-Fi or s-video out as Beta wasn't highly popular outside of Japan and the U.S.
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    There were several multisystem Beta VCR's but they are all composite output and most of them are mono:

    - Sony SL-T7 (1979)
    - Sony SL-T50ME (1983) a 3-system machine (PAL, NTSC, and MESECAM)
    - Sony SL-800ME (1988) a 8-system high-end SuperBeta with Pro 4-heads for perfect still frames, AutoVolt operation.
    - Sony SL-700ME (1988) a 7-system SuperBeta with AutoVolt operation (99-264 volts)
    - Sony SL-500MEMKII (1988) a 3-system SuperBeta and Semi AutoVolt system (110-127 or 220-240V)
    - Sony SL-T9
    - Sony SL-T30
    - Toshiba V-9680
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