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  1. If you go here:
    you can download and install one exe to get this free vpn.
    There are many countries to choose from, starting mostly from Japan, then as you scroll down, you can see other countries. I tried all the UK vpns, but I am getting Google in Japanese, indicating that it is not UK. I tried to look at
    but got geo error, further indicating that vpn is not working correctly.
    (Note, I can use trial of hideallip and look at above bbc website and download video, no problem.)
    My question: Can someone look at this vpn and tell me why the Google is in Japanese, when I choose UK vpn?
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    I'm not going to download any executable from an unknown website and I highly, highly recommend no one else does either!

    In addition, free VPNs and proxies are notorious for data mining your info (that's how they are able to offer it for free). And there's no guarantee that they won't track and retain your traffic info. Again, highly, highly recommend not using anything that doesn't show up on the best free VPN Google searches.
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