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  1. I stopped using GOM player about a year ago, VLC is still loved but it doesn't remember last playback position hence PotPlayer.
    I have a TV series whereby the default sound is Russian--audio stream 1. I would like to automatically go on Audio Stream 2--the original English Language.
    Now I have to do it manually each and every time. Does anyone know how I can have it do this on its own?
    There is a place where you can input preferred language and I have put that into English but it seems to have done nothing.
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  2. Preferences > Audio > Language/sync/other > Preferred languages: en eng english

    Sometime the audio language is missing in video, so it doesn't work, you can edit video, or use option "Preferred stream: 2". You will have to change it back later though.
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  3. Thank you Dreamer. Your first suggestion, 'language' is what I had and hasn't worked. Your 2nd suggestion 'stream 2' for some reason was greyed out, hence could not be altered. However, I noticed that if you switch from preferred language to preferred stream on the top then the choice becomes available. And it works.
    Thank you
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