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  1. I recently started using AviSynth+ for post-production and I don't look back. I am looking for dynamic titles with a similar effect as the opening of this show, which I created with iMovie: two lines of text moving in opposite directions at variable speed.

    I have found this manual page with an animation of font size, spacing, and line spacing. I am looking for something more involved. I could do the title in iMovie, export, and include in AviSynth, but I'd rather do everything in AviSynth.

    Can AviSynth+ do something similar to the stock titles in iMovie?
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  2. You can; but it's easier to do in other programs for most people.

    Other free alternatives to imovie - shotcut has a HTML animations, hitfilm free version, resolve free version, blender, natron etc...

    One problem in avisynth is the motion blur quality is poor when using mvtools2 for motion graphics animations, compared to other programs. You get blobby artifacts, and you can spend all day tweaking it, and never get clean results. Personally, I would "fake" it with a directional blur, using similar animated parameters

    Typically you would use Animate(). Often you need to use a helper function to get animate to work. Another problem with Animate() is it interpolates linearly A to B. So you don't get easing in/out or control over animation curves

    To control animation speed (similar to animation curves in other programs) you could write up custom math functions, or use a plugin such as sickjumps

    eg from jagabo using math

    To rotate it in a perspective 2.5d view, you could use quad or warp

    Here is an example using internal subtitle (you can use custom image), animate (using overlay, using the x position parameter; wrapped in a helper function), sickjumps to remap the time, animate fastblur for fake motion blur, +/- quad for perspective. And you can use multiple layers, masks to make more complex animations

    bg_strip=Blankclip(length=600, width=1280, height=150, fps=24, pixel_type="RGB24")
    subtitle("SUPER DUPER TEXT", font="Eurostyle", size=100, text_color=$FFFFFF, align=5)
    subtitle("ANIMATION", font="Eurostyle", size=100, text_color=$FFFFFF, align=5)
    Animate(0,600, "HOverlay",bg_strip,t1,-1280,  bg_strip,t1,1280)
    SickJumps(0,600, start_multiplier=20, full_multiplier=1, up_seconds=1.2 ,down_seconds=1.2, end_multiplier=20)
    Animate(0,600, "HOverlay",bg_strip,t2,1280,  bg_strip,t1,-1280)
    SickJumps(0,600, start_multiplier=20, full_multiplier=1, up_seconds=1.2 ,down_seconds=1.2, end_multiplier=20)
    Animate(0,25, "AFastBlur",15,0, 0,0)
    Animate(60,85, "AFastBlur",0,0, 15,0)
    Animate(0,25, "AFastBlur",15,0, 0,0)
    Animate(60,85, "AFastBlur",0,0, 15,0)
    stackvertical(topblur, bottomblur)
    #helper functions for animate
    function AFastBlur(clip c, int x_blur, int y_blur)
      FastBlur(c, x_blur, y_blur)
    function HOverlay(clip bg, clip fg, int x)
      Overlay(bg, fg, x)
    (gif's slightly changed, resized)

    gif preview
    [Attachment 52118 - Click to enlarge]

    rotate using quad (something wrong with the gif preview resizing in some browsers, click on it)
    [Attachment 52119 - Click to enlarge]
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