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  1. Is it still possible to find a firmware update for a Panasonic DMR-E55?
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    Be careful the FW version matches the model number, many of the DVD recorder model numbers are near matches for the same DVD/HDD recorder model numbers.

    Also be sure not to mix Regional model FW for North American or vice versa, each Region has different broadcast standards, tuners and region encoding in the DVD loader and burners.

    External input and output switching chips are also different for different regions, US RCA vs UK SCART ect.. the firmware for different regional models will not be compatible with the hardware in identical model numbers but for different regions with different physical input and output connectors. An additional two letter designation after the DMR-XX## model number plus a color class letter -S or -K usually indicates a full designation. Regional ftp sites do not always differentiate the specific models their firmware is written for in order to simplify download links. Be self aware of the source and your intended hardware target.
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